Pavati boats are equipped with cutting-edge technology that will revolutionize the way you ride.

Pavati boats are equipped with the latest digital technology, including touchscreen displays, integrated audio systems, and wireless connectivity. With these advanced features, you can stay connected and entertained while you ride, making every session more fun and enjoyable.

Command Center

With fully integrated Garmin technology, the largest screen display in history coming in at 22″, nearly every major function available in a boat today is at the captain’s fingertips.

All entertainment and technological functions can be controlled at your fingertips; from the fuel level, lighting, stereo, heated seats, chilled cup holders and more.

Garmin Bow 7” screen

Utilize one of the most popular areas to hangout to the max with a Garmin bow control. We wanted to add an optional screen, Located in the very front bow compartment. Users are now able to control all features without going to the helm, this also is great for looking at depth while anchoring from the bow.

Wireless chargers

Included at the drivers helm are two wireless chargers, both conveniently placed in arms reach of the captains seat.

Dual wireless chargers can be added to the pull out drawer making a great dry location to store and charge phones

Ambience plus package

Fire place home screen on side tower. Choose your background imagery to fit your mood.

Cell phone booster

The ultimate way to stay connected on the water with 4G Coverage for Multiple Devices, Works for all phones & all US carriers, 5G Ready – Will work for the next decade and beyond. Marine antenna included for maximum power and performance.