The difference
is in every detail

Industry First

Heliarc™ Tower

Swivel Board Racks

  • Designed to keep boards safe and swivels them out of the way.
  • Billet aluminum side forks that quickly clamp and lock the boards in place.
  • Provides a secure fit for boards of any shape and thickness.
  • Vertical board orientation allows wet boards to drip outside of your boat.
  • Constructed from metal. No bungee cords. No plastic. 

experience the difference.
UNRIVALED Customization

The world’s first brilliantly engineered aluminum wake boat. Commission your very own Pavati and customize it to fit your vision.

INTERIORWe hit the throttle and talk personalized design, maximum comfort and lasting durability.
TECHNOLOGYAmplify your experience with the industry’s most advanced technology.
EXTERIORTurn your boat into a personal work-of-art.

The Biggest
Wake Wave, Period.