Rip Tide™

Surf System

The Pavati Rip Tide™ Surf System has features and convenience not available on any other boat.

Rip Tide Surf System

The Pavati Rip Tide™ Surf System is peerless.

Garmin Surf Screen

  • Surf Screen
    • Live boat data such as boat speed, is embedded in the transom so surfers and wakeboarders can have live access to boat speed
    • As a boarder, knowing the speed of the boat is extremely important to the quality of ride you will get
    • As a boat captain, you will not have to interpret confusing hand signals and upset riders
    • Boarders can feel more confident with novice drivers to maintain optimal riding speeds

Quick Plane Trim Tab

    • The Quick Plane Trim Tab comes into play when surfers want to fine-tune the shape of the wave
    • Auto Launch is a feature that instantly corrects bow rise, enhancing driver visibility when a rider is in tow
    • Easily fine-tune from the throttle; drivers can manually bring the bow up and down while cruising in any water condition

Rip Tide Surf Tabs

    • Our new surf Tabs are 2x bigger and 5x stronger than competing manufacturers who bolt their tabs to fiberglass transoms
    • Re-engineered with purpose – these new surf tabs are bigger, stronger, and they displace up to an additional 2,000lbs of water
    • Each tab has two fast-acting actuators that increase the speed of and strength, creating lightning-fast transfers
    • Surf Tab Intelligent Disengagement is an automatic safety feature that disengages the tabs when the boat reaches no-surf speeds

Quick Wake – Dynamic Trim Control

This feature allows for uneven weighting of riders while cruising down the lake providing a more comfortable and less stressful ride.

  • Dynamic trim control system instantaneous interceptors that provide optimal boat lift characteristics
  • Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous pitch and roll
  • Re-directs aerated water at surfing speeds
  • Self-leveling auto pitch and roll at any speed increases performance and fuel economy
  • 5-times faster actuation than conventional center trim tabs