The largest factory available sound system ever! 10 towers speakers in just the Heliarc Tower alone.  for the ultimate surround sound experience.

(6) Wet Sounds Revo 8″ RGB Tower Speakers
(4) Wet Sounds Rev 12″ RGB Tower Speakers
Easy 2-point Bimini

Dual 7” Screens – Tower Sides
(2) Courtesy Lights on Tower
Dual Oversized PTM Edge Swivel Board Racks
(4) 4″ RGB Pod Lights on Tower
Axis PTZ Camera
Billet Watersport Tower Tow Ball
(2) 32” Light Bars Facing Forward
Tower Overlays Painted to Match

Tower Misters

We have incorporated 4 flush mounted mister heads that have the ability to be directionally positioned. The Mister systems are able to lower the cabin temperature by over 20 degrees on the hottest days. Fill the tank with the conveniently located deck fill for easy refilling of the 3 gallon tank that allows over 3 hours of run time.

Tower overlays painted to match

Located on the Heliarc tower, the diamond plate overlays have been designed to add more customization. Reserved for special paint matching, tower overlays can be perfectly matched to your specific paint code.

Easy 2-point Bimini

    • Relax out of direct sunlight with Pavati’s HUGE patented Bimini coverage
    • The easy-to-use protective lid design protects your stored Bimini from direct sunlight and bugs while driving on the water or in tow
    • Pavati’s protective enclosure eliminates the hassle of stuffing Bimini fabric into an ugly zippered “sock” or a protective cover
    • Hands down the best Bimini in the world

Garmin dual 7” screens

Users are able to control all features with these optional 7″ Garmin screens, located at the base of each side of the Heliarc Power tower. 

Forward Facing Tower Light Bars 32”

No longer worry about hitting objects while trying to boat home safely, use the lights bars for convenience or emergency situations. These lights are extremely bright and project out over 150ft!

360° Viewing PTZ Camera

  • Viewing from the boat can be accomplished from any LCD screen on the wake surfing boat or from a smartphone connected to the boat’s private wi-fi connection
  • Once activated, users use familiar screen gestures that spin or zoom live feeds coming from all angles.
  • HDTV 1080p resolution, 10x optical zoom, and continuous 360° pan that lets you easily follow the rider from side to side. Our camera provides both the zoomed-in detail and the broad overview you need to stay on top of what’s happening around your boat.
  • WDR – Forensic Capture ensures great detail when there are both bright and darker spots in the boat. The camera’s outstanding light-sensitivity means high-quality video even when it is streaming in near darkness.

Most Headroom

    • The Heliarc Tower delivers the most headroom of any wakeboarding boat in its class
    • Tower Height: Floor to the tower is 77”
    • Tower Width: Tower base to base is 86”
    • Elegantly store the Bimini fabric, speakers and lighting directly in the tower
    • Traditional towers hang canned speakers and lighting elements from the tower that reduce headroom

Swivel Board Racks

    • Designed to keep boards safe and swivels them out of the way
    • Billet aluminum side forks that quickly clamp and lock the boards in place
    • Provides a secure fit for boards of any shape and thickness
    • Vertical board orientation allows wet boards to drop outside of your boat
    • Constructed from metal. No bungee cords.  No plastic

Speakers with ambient lighting

    • Wakeboarding boats first unibody tower with engineered speaker enclosures and custom lighting that deliver a concert-like acoustic experience.
    • The Power Towers are furnished with 10- speakers and 9000+ watts of power
    • Control the unmatched Ambient lighting experience from the command center, optional 7” LCD screens or a smartphone
    • RGB light bars, RGB light cubes, and Plexi logo lights can either turn your evening into a nightclub-worthy dance party or subtle mood lighting experience.