Hear the



The largest factory available sound system ever! 10 towers speakers in just the Heliarc Tower alone.  for the ultimate surround sound experience.

Garmin Fusion® Apollo™ Stereo Control
Garmin Fusion MS-SRX400 Bow and Stern Displays

(6) Wet Sounds Revo 8″ RGB Cabin Speakers
(2) Wet Sounds Revo 12″ RGB Cabin Subwoofers
(6) Wet Sounds Revo 8″ RGB Tower Speakers
(4) Wet Sounds Revo 10″ RGB Tower Speakers

Wet Sounds SDX6 6 Channel Amplifier
Wet Sounds SDX2 2 Channel Amplifier
Wet Sounds SDX 2500 Mono Channel

XM Satellite Radio
18 Wet Sounds speakers total

Garmin Apollo MSRA-770

The world’s first touchscreen marine stereo with the AirPlay® 2 software feature and built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity, Apollo RA770 has redefined audio excellence with revolutionary technology and innovative design.

Wetsounds 15” helm sub

In order to  fit the REVO15-XXX, we first remove the 12” sub at the base of the drivers feet. With the 15” not only do you get killer bass but also some additional ballast! This unit also looks great as its Powder Coated gloss black cast and has an aluminum frame.

Soundwaves “Under water speaker”

You and your guests will never miss a beat with the worlds first underwater speaker on a boat. Dive off the boat and enjoy the soundwaves through the water, our aluminum hull allows for the speaker to amplify  sound. We use the only underwater speaker that delivers full-frequency underwater sound. Music sounds so much better when all of the music is delivered, not just the upper frequencies

Dual 12” rear xxx subs

Add an enormous amount of Bass with two additional REVO12-XXX, this upgrade puts these extra subs in the rear compartment lockers on each side of the engine adding surround sound basswhile taking up limited storage