A new level of watercraft excellence

the Pavati line of wakeboats



Pavati is the only wake boat in the world built purely out of aluminum. Our aluminum wakeboats shatter previously imposed constraints set on v-drive wake boats. Unlike fiberglass, aluminum manufacturing means no molds or constraints.

We will be in Lake Havasu

April 25 – 28

Come and Experience a Pavati in person.
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Bespoke Wakeboats

Individualization not seen on any other wakeboat.

Work with our world class designers, engineers, and visionaries who are fully committed to making the boat of your dreams.




From the start of your journey- you will work directly with our VIP team to design and create and build a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Behind the scenes, our VIP team will recruit and vet a skilled service person or shop in your area for when our 7 day a week team is for some reason not able to resolve an issue over the phone.