Heliarc™ Tower

Swivel Board Racks
  • Designed to keep boards safe and swivels them out of the way.
  • Billet aluminum side forks that quickly clamp and lock the boards in place.
  • Provides a secure fit for boards of any shape and thickness.
  • Vertical board orientation allows wet boards to drip outside of your boat.
  • Constructed from metal. No bungee cords. No plastic. 
360° Viewing
  • Industry’s first four camera arrangement (3 wired cameras & 1 Garmin VIRB) that produces a fantastic 360˚ multi-camera viewing & recording experience.
  • Garmin’s rugged, waterproof 360˚ VIRB camera presents a resolution up to 5.7K/30fps and 4K spherical stabilization.
  • Viewing and recording from the boat can be accomplished from any LCD screen on the wake surfing boat or from a smartphone connected to the boat’s private Wi-Fi connection.
  • Once activated, users use familiar screen gestures that spin or zoom live feeds coming from all cameras.
Speaker Enclosures
  • Wakeboarding boats first unibody tower with engineered speaker enclosures and custom lighting that deliver a concert-like acoustic experience.
  • Standard Heliarc™ Towers are furnished with eight speakers, whereas the Heliarc™ Power Tower serves up ten speakers and 9,000+ watts of power.
  • Control the unmatched lighting experience from the command center, optional 7” LCD screens or a smartphone.
  • RGB light bars, RGB light cubes, and Plexi Logo lights can either turn your evening into a nightclub-worthy dance party or subtle mood lighting experience.
Easy 2-Point Bimini
  • Relax out of direct sunlight with Pavati’s HUGE patented Bimini coverage.
  • The easy-to-use protective lid design protects your stored Bimini from direct sunlight and bugs while driving on the water or in tow.
  • Pavati’s protective enclosure eliminates the hassle of stuffing Bimini fabric into an ugly zippered “sock” or a protective boot cover.
  • Hands down the fastest Bimini in the World.
Most Headroom
  • The Heliarc™ Tower delivers the most headroom of any wakeboarding boat in its class.
  • Tower Height: Floor to the tower is 77 inches (1.9m) on both wake boats.
  • Tower Width: Tower base to base is 86 inches (2.2m) on both wake boats.
  • Elegantly store the Bimini fabric, speakers, and lighting directly in the tower.
  • Traditional towers hang canned speakers and lighting elements from the tower that reduce tower headroom.
Heliarc™ Power Tower
  • One button garage ready.
  • The tower folds down with dual electric actuators.
  • Initiate the motor-driven folding tower with a push of a button on the LCD screen or from a smartphone.
  • Easily trailered with the tower up or down.