Bow & Stern Thrusters

Hold Feature
  • Engage bow and stern thrusters at the same time and in the same direction to activate the Hold Feature.
  • Utilizing both thrusters at the same time holds the wake boat snug to the dock while tying it up.
  • Keep precious fingers from being pinched while trying to keep the boat docked, let the thrusters do the work.
  • First-time drivers quickly gain confidence steering in tight quarters with Pavati’s exclusive Bow & Stern Thrusters.
  • Hop right in the captain’s chair with confidence and operate a slow-moving V-Drive in crowded marinas or on windy days.
  • Stay in full control while driving a Pavati wake boat to be trailered.
Slip Parking
  • Instantly look like a pro driver when parking a Pavati into a slip while utilizing industry’s only Bow & Stern Thrusters system.
  • Sometimes it can be embarrassing and dangerous for the driver when trying to park a boat into a slip because of how difficult V-Drives can be to control at slow speeds.
  • Stay off the docks by engaging thrusters as you glide into a parking slip.
Parallel Parking
  • The ONLY way to parallel park: maneuver the boat in a parallel pattern (side-to-side) by engaging the Bow & Stern Thrusters.
  • This one-of-a-kind wakeboarding boat feature makes parking at the marina convenient and straightforward.
  • The old way to parallel park: coast into a sideways parking spot by taking a wide angle then throwing it in reverse to stop it from going forward.
  • It can take years to master the old way to park without thrusters and can be dangerous for people in the boat and on the dock.
Backing Up
  • The only tow boat with both Bow & Stern Thrusters.
  • Pavati’s Bow & Stern Thrusters give the driver full right and left pull control when backing up.
  • First time divers can easily take the wheel and back up in either direction with confidence.
  • Direct drive or V-drive wake surfing boats without bow & stern thrusters will only back-up in one direction depending on whether the transmission is left hand or right hand.