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The AL-24 Wake Boat

Introducing the new Pavati AL-24, the most innovative, powerful and durable wake boat available. Pavati wake boats are built from raw, natural aluminum. That means they’ll never break down, shatter rot, rust, or emit harmful fumes. Pavati boats are built to last forever.24 feet of pure excitement, built with Corvette LS Series engines (diesel available) to provide the thrust and on-demand torque every wake and surf enthusiast craves. Every aspect is engineered using the most advanced manufacturing technology available including our exclusive Rip Tide™ Surf System.More durable than fiberglass, the lighter weight and maintenance free properties of aluminum are more economical on – and off the water.Indestructible, outstanding performances, innovative technology – the Pavati AL-24, pure elements never die.
Boat Length 24’8″ (26′ 4″ with Removable platform)
Maximum Width 8’6″
Dry Weight 4,200 LBS
Fuel Capacity 65 Gallons
Height w/ Tower Erect 10’4″
Height w/ Tower Folded 6’10”
Seating 18 People
Capacity 2,500 LBS
Ballast 4,200 – 5,000 LBS
Storage 147 cu FT
Gauge 1″, .250″, .188″, .125″ Aluminum

Innovative Design

Solid Aluminum Body

The AL-24 is built from 0.25″ aluminum, making it significantly stronger than its fiberglass counterparts, and yet requiring far less room for structural support. That means more room for storage, more seating, and a fully integrated welded ballast. And with a solid aluminum body, it doesn’t need a “rub rail” to hide the 2-piece hull. That means more strength and a classier presentation.

Every aspect of Pavati boats have been carefully planned and engineered using the most advanced manufacturing software available!

Computer Designed Hull

Every aspect has been carefully planned and engineered using the most advanced manufacturing software available. After design, we use marine software to run scenarios on the structural integrity and water flow of the hull. With such sophisticated technology and extensive testing, we know what kind of performance and waves to expect from the boat before it ever reaches the production floor.

Each Pavati boat is fully welded from aluminum. That means no track welds, no rivets, no glue, or screws!

Fully Welded

When we say that the AL-24 is fully welded, we mean that every seam is welded completely. There are no tack welds, rivets, glue see,s, or screws holding the frame together. This adds tremendous strength to the body, allowing you to beach the boat wherever you want, without damaging the hull.

The Pavati billet break-away skag is designed to break away from the hull in the event of an impact.

Billet Aluminum CNC Custom Break-Away Skag

CNC’d from raw billet aluminum, customized to match your boat, and designed to break away from the hull on impact – even if the skag is a work of art.

With its distinct pickle tri-tip bow design, you get the most space possible out of your Pavati boat!

Open Bow

With our distinct pickle tri-tip bow design, you get the most space possible out of your boat without interfering with the shape of the patented AL-24 hull. That means more people on the boat, as well as more storage space and ballast.

The Pavatis transom surf lounge is the perfect place to relax after a long day on the water.

Transom Surf Lounge

When you’re taking a break and re-hydrating out on the lake, the transom lounge is a perfect place for you to relax. Complete with built-in transom coolers.


No Plastic

Just like fiberglass, plastic becomes brittle and breaks over time. That’s why we don’t use plastic hardware. All accessories are aluminum and stainless, welded and fully integrated into the boat. That goes for the dashboard too, meaning it will never break, crack, or need replacing. Just another reason we can say that a Pavati is the last boat you’ll ever want.

No Molds. No restraints.

Fiberglass molds are extremely expensive to build. Once a mold is built, manufacturers have to use it for years to recoup their costs and become profitable. That means limited options and limited change between models and years. With aluminum, there are no molds. Every boat we build can be customized or modified to fit your style. Choose between extra storage and an additional 600 lbs. of integrated ballast in the bow. Choose between a surf lounge and a three-seat transom. When we designed the AL-24, we designed it specifically to put all the control and options in your hands. We didn’t just break the mold; we never had one.

Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing

Pavati owners boast the most environmentally friendly wake boat ever built. Not only does the AL-24 consume less fossil fuel in transport and operation, but also aluminum is a completely natural and raw material. That means no toxic chemicals or emissions whatsoever. And since it’s natural, all scrap material in the manufacturing process is recyclable.




Built-in removable cooler compartment in floor, cooler included.

Coffin Storage


Massive storage compartments throughout the boat lift easily with gas-assisted shocks.

Captains Cubby


Captains cubby makes easy storage for your iPod, wallet, drinks, and more. includes two integrated 12v USB stations.

Convenience Drawer


The waterproof, locking storage drawer keeps valuables and personal belongings readily accessible, but out of the water and sun.

Tri-tip Bow


Massive bow opens up for additional storage or an additional 600 lbs. of ballast.



Transom walk through offers safe and easy access to the lounge, coolers, and swim platform in the stern of the boat.

Styling Options

Paint Options

One of the most important benefits of aluminum is the ability to style your boat however you want. Gel coat is not required so you have the freedom to paint or wrap your own boat in whatever way you like. And since we use the highest quality of automotive paint and vinyl materials, whatever options you decide on will end up lasting much longer than a gel coat finish. For decades, our polyurethane enamel has been the finish of choice by leading heavy-duty truck, commercial vehicle, aircraft, boat, industrial application and specialty vehicle manufacturers, and here at Pavati we use only the highest quality paint.

Customize your Pavati wake boat with a wide range of color options!


Vinyl Wrap Options

Automotive-grade vinyl wraps are a great way to put a personal expression on your boat, but still keep it simple and clean. A wrap is also more cost-effective if you decide to change your design later, while extremely durable if you want to keep the same design for years at a time. We love to get creative. Our in-house graphics department has created several stock designs, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them! Click below to browse our collection of stock designs, or if you are familiar with design, you can download a template and create your own vinyl design in Adobe Illustrator.

wake-boat-wrap-abstract-music-radical-red-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-wave-solar-yellow-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-urban-elements-silver-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-euro-street-blue-by-pavati
wake-boat-wrap-geo-flow-blue-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-grunge-doodles-brown-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-grunge-fl-blue-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-grunge-star-yellow-by-pavati
wake-boat-wrap-sunburst-screamin-green-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-milano-yellow-subtle-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-musika-solar-yellow-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-rainbow-tears-blue-by-pavati
wake-boat-wrap-skyline-green-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-squared-red-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-street-style-green-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-miami-orange-by-pavati
wake-boat-wrap-silver-lightning-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-tribal-green-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-tribal-grunge-red-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-x-star-by-pavati
wake-boat-wrap-scroll-orange-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-urban-spikes-blue-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-nyc-grunge-blue-by-pavati wake-boat-wrap-taj-mahal-saffron-by-pavati
Pavati wake boat vinyl options - Crowned Dead King wake-boat-wrap-grunge-t-screamin-green-by-pavati Pavati wake boat vinyl options - Grunge More Skulls Pavati wake boat vinyl options - Vimeo
Pavati wake boat vinyl options - Rasta Reverse Pavati wake boat vinyl options - Hex Flames Pavati wake boat vinyl options - Skull wings Pavati wake boat vinyl options - Sunburst


Upholstery Options

Our in-house upholstery shop uses the most rugged, weather-resistant material possible for our line of fishing boats, while still maintaining premium texture and comfort. With our wake boats, we carried the same standard of quality. That means your boats interior will look better and feel softer, for much longer.

wake-boat-interior-color-options-yellow-by-pavati wake-boat-interior-color-options-orange-by-pavati wake-boat-interior-color-options-red-by-pavati wake-boat-interior-color-options-purple-by-pavati
wake-boat-interior-color-options-blue-by-pavati wake-boat-interior-color-options-turquoise-by-pavati wake-boat-interior-color-options-green-by-pavati wake-boat-interior-color-options-silver-by-pavati

Performance Options

Rip Tide Surf System by Pavati

Rip Tide™ Surf System

We designed the rip tide surf system to be the fastest, most complete and intuitive surf system available. With a simple finger touch on the H2O Touch Digital Command Center, ¼ inch aluminum plates extrude three inches past the transom of the boat into the water creating a bigger wave in three seconds flat. Change between goofy and regular riding styles quickly and easily.

Rip Tide™ Surf System


Pavati’s invention of the Rip Tide Surf System is a game changer in creating the biggest wave.

H2O Digital Touch


Have total control of your surf wave with the H2O Touch Digital Command Center

Massive Wake / Wave


Rip Tide Surf System, H2O Touch and 5K stock ballast…the end result is a massive wake surfing wave.

Bigger Tricks


Bigger surf wave / wake boarding wake, simply put, equals bigger tricks.


We’ve integrated the largest wake boat ballast ever into the AL-24. Spanning from the transom to the bow, the AL-24 ballast offers a whopping 4,200 LBS. stock ballast, with a 4,800 LBS. option. That makes the AL-24 not only the lightest 24′ wake boat on the road, but also the heaviest 24′ wake boat in the water.


Stock Ballast


With the fast fill ballast system, the industries biggest stock ballast system fills in under 90 seconds and empties in less than 30 seconds. That’s doubling the weight of the AL-24 in under a minute and a half!

Cruise Control

The Pavati's innovative speed and RPM cruise control technology, allows you to set your speed and forget it with the push of a button.

Fully integrated speed and RPM cruise control technology allows you to set your speed and forget it with the push of a button.

Transom Storage


Massive dual transom storage areas are 27 cu. ft. each – plenty of room boards and life jackets.

360° HD Mirror

Each Pavati boat comes with a high definition, 360 degree mirror

Never miss a beat with a 360° adjustable, high definition tow mirror.

No-Flex Tower


Fully aluminum, collapsible tower is welded onto the boat. No bolts and no screws means zero flex.

ACME Propeller

Each Pavati comes standard with a 14x14.25 ACME Marine propeller.

Have your pick of propellers from the leader in prop technology, ACME Marine.

Pop-Up Ski Pylon


Transom-mounted ski pylon recedes for convenience when not in use.

Swim Platform

The removable swim platform on the back of each Pavati is angled to stay out of the way for surfing.

Removable swim platform is angled to stay out of the way for surfing.

Rip Tide™ Surf System

Pavati's patented Rip Tide Surf System is innovative, proprietary, and is the fasted surf system in the industry.

Proprietary. Innovative. The fastest surf system in the industry. Need we say more?

Fresh Air Exhaust

Each Pavati boat comes standard with a fresh air exhaust.

Fresh air exhaust comes standard on the Surf package. See your local dealer for more information.

Power When You Need It

The engine is the heart of the AL-24. Have your pick of the most premium marine engine options on the market, including a lineup of Indmar’s Ford Raptor and ROUCHCHARGED engines, performance Corvette and Cadillac engines, and a Mercury 8.2L diesel option.


6.2L RAPTOR 400

The Raptor 400 brings thoroughbred performance without the high-end price. Being just as fuel efficient as it is powerful, the 400 delivers undisputable durability season after season..

6.2L RAPTOR 440

The Raptor 440 was designed for just that—more action. A smooth and relaxed ride is guaranteed no matter how hard you push it.

6.2L RAPTOR 575

The Raptor 575 is the most powerful advanced performance engine ever offered. With a 6.2L ROUSHCharged V8 and 575 lb-ft of torque, you can also say it’s the hardest working engine in the Raptor lineup.

ford-raptor-400-motor-for-wake-boats-by-pavati ford-raptor-440-motor-for-wake-boats-by-pavati ford-raptor-rouchcharged-575-motor-for-wake-boats-by-pavati
Engine Type:  8-cylinder Ford F-150 Super Duty Block, 90°V – Single Overhead Cam, 16-valve
Displacement: 379 CID (6.2L)
Torque: 400 ft-lbs Torque
Engine Type:  8-cylinder Ford F-150 Super Duty Block, 90°V – Single Overhead Cam, 16-valve
Displacement: 379 CID (6.2L)
Torque: 440 ft-lbs Torque
Engine Type:  8-cylinder Ford F-150 Super Duty Block, 90°V – Single Overhead Cam, 16-valve
Displacement: 379 CID (6.2L)
Torque: 575 ft-lbs Torque



Corvette LS3


Capacity  6.2 Liters
Horsepower  450 HP
Torque  424 ft-lbs Torque

Indmar LSA


Capacity  6.2 Liters
Horsepower  556 HP
Torque  424 ft-lbs Torque

Mercury 8.2L


Capacity  8.2 Liters
Horsepower  380 HP
Torque  502 ft-lbs Torque

Standard Features

Pavati Wake Boats Main Tower Speakers

Tower Speakers

  • 10″ Woofer, EFG 4 Ohm
  • 600 Watts Peak Ea.
  • 300 Watts RMS Ea.

Coaxial Cabin Speakers

  • 8″ Woofer & 1″ Titanium Dome Tweeter
  • 250 Watts Peak Ea.
  • 125 Watts RMS Ea.

SPL Marine Subwoofer

  • 12″ Woofer Dual 2 Ohm
  • 2000 Watts Peak Ea.
  • 1000 Watts RMS Ea.
Pavati Wake Boat sound systems are SiriusXM Satellite Radio ready!Pavati Wake Boat sound systems are made for iPods, iPhones, and iPads!Pavati Wake Boat sound systems are Bluetooth enabled!

Captains Chair

Pavati boats come standard with a custom swiveling bolster captain's seat.Custom swiveling bolster captain’s seat.

In-Floor Trash Cans

CNC-machined trash and recycle cans are built right into the floor of each Pavati boat.

CNC-machined trash and recycle cans built right into the floor.

Mooring Cleats

Each Pavati boat has stainless steal mooring cleats that pop up for your convenience

Stainless steal mooring cleats pop up for your convenience.

21 Cup Holders


21 cup holders throughout the boat, including 3 for the driver.

5 USB Charging Stations


Listen to music and take pictures and video all day long.

Swivel Racks


Swiveling tower racks make for quick and easy surf and wake board storage.

Electrical Station


Electrical station is within an arms reach of the driver, making for a quick and smooth launch.

Removable Table


All-aluminum party table sets up and breaks down easily.

Custom Trailer


See your local dealer for available custom trailer options.

Bimini Top

The Pavati bimini top quickly opens up to offer some shade on the water.

Bimini top quickly opens up to offer some shade on the lake.

Wind Gate


Sets up easily to shield passengers from wind and gusts.

Battery Station


Built-in battery charging station with an automatic low-voltage shut off ensures you won’t get stranded on the water.

Dual Bilge


Dual bilge pumps in center starboard and center port are standard.

Dual Fuel Fill


Fuel fills included on both port and starboard side mean that filling your fuel tank just got a whole lot easier.

_MG_2058 Pavati Wakeboarding Boats - Behind the wheel Pavati Wakeboarding Boats - Captains Chair Pavati Wakeboarding Boat with a custom boat trailer Pavati Wakeboarding Boat floating on the lake
Loading wakeboarding gear into their Pavati boat _MG_0620 Pavati Wakeboarding Boat no-flex tower Ladies lounging in their Pavati wake boat Pavati wake boats are the fastest boats on the water!